Saturday, just another day at the office

February 23rd, 2008

Today I woke up early again.But before I new it Richard Claus was up as well, we planned that we would make a nice meal for the night.So, 7:30 we went out to the butcher and bought a big peace of pork ribs, we marinated that with salt, staranis and chili’s made a little fire in the wood oven and put it in.During lunch we will look if all is well with our little piggy, but it will be fun tonight.More laterĀ ….the ovenpiggy

2 Responses to “Saturday, just another day at the office”

  1. Mies Says:

    He FIR !!!!

    Hoe is het in Zuid Africa ???
    Zo te zien heb je goed te eten daar ,het kweil loopt nu al uit m’n bek !!
    Ik had je even gemaild ,maar was even vergeten dat je niet in de buurt zat….hahah , zal je site in de gaten houden !

    Groeten en have fun man !

  2. Rob Says:

    You carnivores will never change…

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