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Wit Licht Trailer HD

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Like to see the Wit Licht Trailer from Jean van de Velde and with Marco Borsato in Quicktime HD (1280)?.
click HERE to check it out, 134.9Mb though.
click for the small versionHERE, 34,7Mb.
Not so much news I can show you guys over there in the real world.
I can tell you that we now run the last miles of the marathon, it is going to be a beautiful movie.
Till soon.
Abby as Obeke on Wit Licht

Wit Licht Concert

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Amazing concert, technically one of the most advanced I have seen in my entire life.
Scary shit when your a VIP.
First you come in this room full of people eat something drink something then you are guided to the arena, this picture here was my first impression how a crowd of 35.000 looks like.It is like a circus, see incredible light effects, listen to 1 million watts of audio, see Marco Borsato fly etc.
We enjoyed the concert very much, and good to see all the colleages back with who I worked with in PSJ for a couple of months, chapeau Marco thanks for the great evening.
Wit Licht Concert 11-10-2008
Wit Licht during the Concert 11-10-2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy Hattingh

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy,
All alone away from home in beautiful Amsterdam.
As we Dutch say: Er is er één jarig hoera hoera dat kun je wel zien dat is hij, dat vinden wij allen zo prettig ja ja en daarom zingen wij blij.
Zij leven lang hoera hoera, zij leven lang hoera hoera, zij leven lang hoera hoera.
Lang zal Jeremy leven, Lang zal Jeremy leven, Lang zal Jeremy leven in de gloria, hieperdepiep, hoera
hieperdepiep, hoera
hieperdepiep, hoera

Hattingh 44