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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I can here the song of Sinatra in my head while writing this last Wit Licht blog.
It was a blast, great party, incredible film, to all of you, please go and see the movie.
The premiere started in the big Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam a art deco style theater with a lot of glamor.
I have never seen so many bobo’s and famous people in my life at one spot. It was very cold and I felt sorry for all the skinny girls with there small dresses looking very pretty for all the journalists.
There was a standing ovation for cast and crew. Yes I felt proud as well. This movie is quite an achievement, lots of love and passion made this movie what it is.
After the movie there was a little party for cast and crew in a gay club (of course) at the Regulier dwarsstraat.
I had a couple of tequila’s and then Producer Richard Claus came by in an Ugandan outfit. Lots of laughs here and there, till Ali Bakka did the same to me.
Fez on, dress on and I was a Ugandan too.
Felt pretty cool, maybe I have to go there one day.

For all of you who are going to see the movie, please drop a note. Let me know what you think of it!

Anet Klitsie – Fir Suidema – Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga – Richard Claus
Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga