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February 21st, 2008

Hi everybody,


I’m in SA for more than a week now. I’m getting to like this part of the world, bought a local simcard for my phone and have a SA phone-number now. For those who would like to call me ask Anet who is going to visit me pretty soon she will arrive here on the 3th of March.

Lots of animals and reptiles here. Our host Thea found a green snake on my porch, ohh it’s not a poisoned one she said. Yesterday 2 swallows where sitting on my heating system in my shower, very nice little birds I talked to them and their heads moved as if they understand me.


The production goes well as well, Jeremy and I went trough the whole script twice to find work for us, not my favorite job but I learn a lot. All the spreadsheets here are made in MS excel, which I hate with a passion. A side project of me is putting the whole damn thing in Filemaker which I know very well.

What I didn’t now was that Port St. Johns is a sort of hippy enclave and the big green Bob Marley plants are growing here as fast as grass. Life is also very cheap here.  Little restaurants are charging 56R about 5 euro for a 350 grams Rump Steak probably a lot of money for the locals, the meat here is very tender and nice, fresh fish I did not see on the menu yet.


For all the fans Knorr is named Knorrox here, the packaging is pretty ugly but the tastes are interesting lots of chile is growing here as well.

In Holland it is freezing at the moment and here it is 32 Celsius in the sun sometimes it will rain on the end of the day but that is warm rain and pretty nice. For those who Ichat, I have it on sometimes give me a ring.

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