Last day shooting

May 29th, 2008

It is the very last day today and a big party tonight where everybody is looking forward to. Thea is cooking for more than 200 people her special braai, just 2 hours she said.
It is going to be a very long day I’m afraight, so more details later.
Ohh almost forgot, It’s Peter (the editor) Adams birthday today.
Happy Birthday Peter. 🙂last day shooting

Sunday Bloody Sunday

May 25th, 2008

Yep my last whole Sunday here in PSJ.
Almost 4 months of Wit Licht, time goes fast specially this week the last week. Last week we did some great stuff on visual effect, finally we got our top explosion shot.We ruined 2 of Jeremy’s blue screens but it was worth it.
2nd Unit is back again Craig, Alfie, Mariani and Neil working with DOP Peter “what does it cost” Belcher.
We picked up a lot of stuff in 1 day we have until wednesday, great fun.
I will travel back to Amsterdam the 1st of June,See you all soon.almost touched the camera

Ethel rules

May 21st, 2008

Just for all of you who never tasted the meat from Ethel, it was incredible again.
This time in the presence of Ethel her self (next to Catrien).
Like I told everybody before a piece of meat straight on the hot coals is THE way to prepare it.
We had crayfish salad as an appetizer just great.
Well, back to work for just a couple of days 🙂

another picture with people eating


May 20th, 2008

Catriens Pa arrived just before the weekend.
Sunday there was a soccer match organized by Dick Naastepad the head makeup guy from Holland.
He knows even less that me but he liked to watch the game, I was a bit bored as some of you will understand and left for a bite to eat.
The costume breakdown department had there hand full painting shirts with White Light on it, if they only had a screen press.(or call Hendrik – met Carebo :-))
I’m leaning shake at the moment, putting signs on places in the movie.
Lots of stuff to learn so little time, tonight we will have a famous Thea Braai (remember the hot coals) I’m looking forward to that.
Not a lot of stuff to say except that I’m A okay.

more champagne at Wettham Hill

Jungle fever

May 17th, 2008

Bad news and sorry to say,
My boss lost it completely.
Peter the medic thinks it must be Jungle fever.
I will try to talk some sense into him tonight, hope it will help! sorry Megan These things happen often in the Jungle.

Deer hunter style


May 16th, 2008

Good news,
Catrien discovered a good alternative for champagne at the “Wettham Hill” Last Sunday we had 2 bottles with oude reypenaer.
The view is beautiful, see below. If everything goes according to plan we will WRAP at the 28th so I can leave this place at the 30th and will be home in June.
Funny how things change in the mind.
Two weeks ago I had a kind of home sick feeling, but now the end is near it switched! I’m so used to this place now that it feels a bit like home, but it will be all differed when everybody is gone I suppose.
We went from night shoot in the Jungle to day shoot, a place you can only reach by car if you have a 4X4. The road is very bad and takes 30 minutes to set. It is so remote that we use 2 Satellite dishes for internet en telephones, and when I am around those things everybody is clamping on to me, ‘please can you help me with….’
It’s fun and keeps me sharp for when I come back, I never see so many Mac’s on set, the few with a MS system you can count on 1 hand.
I’m still not used to the waiting part on set, it is so incredible boring I can not explain that in words. But on the other hand I had some other work to do. Christoph the assistant to Peter the editor (that made me the assistant to the assistant 🙂 was a bit behind with syncing sound to the footage that was scanned.
There is so much stuff coming in that he asked me if I could help, No problem of course, made a couple of mistakes but overall a good feeling he is uptodate right now.
Well back to work.we love champagne

Another new camera

May 12th, 2008

Today my old camera came to PSJ together with the rushes.
My new Leica looks very cool trying to photograph everybody now.
We are going to shoot in the jungle again today on an evening shoot, I will tryout my new camera.

Lynn Paulsen SA next topmodel

Happy Birthday

May 10th, 2008

It is Saturday, 2 Birthdays today
Theo van de Sande (D.O.P.) and Wilfred van der Kluft (Best friend)
Happy Birthday to you both.
(picture left Theo and Jean right)

Theo on Left

Last day at the Airport

May 9th, 2008

It’s Friday today,
Yesterday was out last day at the airport.
Beautiful weather, clear sky. From today there will be a night-shoot again, which means from 17:30 till 5 in the morning.
Meanwhile, I got a lot of emails from friends who where wondering about the robbery. Again do not worry the sun shines and I’m getting a tan.
Also my Camera is coming back tomorrow and I ordered a small camera (leica d-lux3) to take with me so I do not have to carry this big camera all the time.
My Dutch friend Jan van Diermen who is working in Cape town in the lab where the film is being processed is taking care of the logistics.
So anyway, yesterday there was a beautiful screening of rushes an I did my first baby steps in Shake. I was trying to replace a picture in a moving wallet, only with the help of Jeremy Hattingh I could go near anything a bit useful. Lots to learn, so little time.
More news in the weekend.

picasso or real?

NEWS in Holland

May 6th, 2008

Sorry for the mess guys,
Dutch news is talking about a robbery of some kind on white light.
For all family and friends.
Holland is small, and it is “komkommertijd” so they have to make their own news.!
So everything is fine here in SA!123 action