Last day at the Airport

May 9th, 2008

It’s Friday today,
Yesterday was out last day at the airport.
Beautiful weather, clear sky. From today there will be a night-shoot again, which means from 17:30 till 5 in the morning.
Meanwhile, I got a lot of emails from friends who where wondering about the robbery. Again do not worry the sun shines and I’m getting a tan.
Also my Camera is coming back tomorrow and I ordered a small camera (leica d-lux3) to take with me so I do not have to carry this big camera all the time.
My Dutch friend Jan van Diermen who is working in Cape town in the lab where the film is being processed is taking care of the logistics.
So anyway, yesterday there was a beautiful screening of rushes an I did my first baby steps in Shake. I was trying to replace a picture in a moving wallet, only with the help of Jeremy Hattingh I could go near anything a bit useful. Lots to learn, so little time.
More news in the weekend.

picasso or real?

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  1. Rob Says:

    Eerst een Canon, nu een Leica-way to go.
    Word steeds nieuwsgieriger naar de plaatjes.

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