1st Unit plane shoot

April 28th, 2008

So we worked Friday and Saturday on the DC3 shoot.
Incredible sky perfect weather.
It was my first day on first unit as an VFX assistant, well it was tough for me.
All the old geezers know all the slang and have enough on a single gesture.
I have to ask 5 times what the hell do you mean? But I’m getting there, 25-5.6 is a 25mm lens with an F-stop of 5.6.
Difficult to hear if they talk fast, because I’m so green in this busyness I got lots of help from Jeremy my boss, but others think I’m slowing them down, while they are doing nothing but checking there email.
Well enough complaining, it is a hell of a job but I enjoy myself a lot.
Saturday was the half way trough party which was fun, they run out of beer fast so I had to switch to whisky no problem for me off-course.
Sunday the day off I have seen Dario Argento’s new film again “3 mothers” the first time I have seen it I could not believe it was so bad, so I needed to see it a second time and yes it is very bad indeed.
A shame for such talented director. Not even close to Inferno and Suspiria. At night I made a pumpkin soup and we eat some crayfish and veggies, and went to bed early. On my way to my little crib Jethro (death row) the dog was attacking Pablo very heavy, it looked as if he would kill Pablo so Thea was in total panic and trough bucket of water over them. Hope they all survive it.

Today more plane action with rebels etc. and special effects will be fun.
Sundown on the airstrip with the DC3

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