Baking cakes

April 2nd, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day, first day of shooting in SA.
First thing is a restaurant breakfast scene where one of the actors is getting a piece of cake. But, no cakes prepared yet Karel asked me, FIR International to the rescue.
Spend 4 hours decorating cakes, 3 black forrest cakes, 2 chocolate granace cakes, 2 fake (plastic casing) merinque pies, a chocolate icing cake and a buttercream chocolate cake.
Tomorrow at 6 in the morning I have to finish the toppings.
Thats another job than I was hired for, but lots of fun, and a bit of set-dressing as well because the kitchen is brand new and needed some treatment as if it is used for a while.
I will be very busy from tomorrow so this blog will be updated when I have the time and with 12 hour working days on set that will be a challenge.
So that’s it for now, more later.
Piece of Cake

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  1. Rob Says:

    Break a leg, cake boy!

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