My New Camera

March 26th, 2008

So my boss Jeremy Hattingh convinced me that it would be better for me that I can take plates and stills with the same kind of camera he had. He bought one for me second hand and it became a Canon 20D with double battery etc.

I was so used to take little quick snaps with my Sony T-3 now I have to carry a 2 kilo monster with me.

And as you see it is always very difficult to take a picture of yourself.


My new canon 20D

2 Responses to “My New Camera”

  1. hans en ina Says:

    Onddanks de lo0ngontsteking zie je er toch nog heel goed uit.Zeker goed eten daar is je wel aan te zien. groetjes de mam en Hans. xxxjes ook van Banjer

  2. Rob Says:

    Welcome to the Canon Gang;)

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