Goodbye Jeremy Hattingh

November 9th, 2008

Sad day today.
For over 10 months I worked with Jeremy Hattingh Visual effects supervisor on “Wit Licht”van Jean van de Velde.
Check out his list of films on imdb
Today I brought him to Schiphol because I was his assistant during the movie, he’s flying back To South Africa, to his real family that he really missed during his stay in Amsterdam.
It was 7 O’ Clock very early and it was a pleasure.
I have learned a lot all these months, it was tough and fun, hard work and very enjoyable.
It all falls apart now, we’re done, over, KLAAR.
I’m going to buy a whole lot of geraniums, put them behind the window and I’m going to sit behind them and doing ‘Fuck all’ as Mr. Hattingh would say.
Prepare for my next mission in life, how to make a documentary.
Goodbye Mr. Hattingh, see you soon.
Miss you already.
Jeremy, Me on Schiphol airport

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