Our last VFX weekend

November 3rd, 2008

It sounds like a movie trailer:
4 guys, 1 spare, 1 movie, no time to finish it all.
This is going to be our last weekend, Jeremy will leave Holland on Friday, Monday Jan will celebrate his birthday in London with his girlfriend.
Floris will celebrate his birthday too on Monday.
Then we are all alone, cleaning up, making sure that we don’t leave a trace.
The movie is finished next week and I can not wait to see it with sound and effects.


Left to right:

Richard Claus (producer), Peter R. Adam (editor), Jean van de Velde (director), Floris van der Veen (compositor VFX), Jan Tönsmann (compositor VFX), Fir Suidema ( VFX assistant supervisor), Jeremy Hattingh (VFX supervisor), Bark Anamone (compositor VFX) never shows his real face, he is under the table.

Wit Licht VFX Team

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