The day before the last day

May 31st, 2008

Last day at work, leaving tomorrow.
It still is and was a hell of an experience, I will probably never forget those months working here in PSJ.
I have met so many interesting people and made new friends and I have leaned a hell of a lot.
South Africa is a weird country, there are things that I really hate, but also hate to love.
Port Saint Johns was my town for almost 4 months, did not meet a lot of locals except for Ethel my (our) Butcher. The stuff that she produce I will miss the most I think, thanks for that Ethel.
I will miss all the “drukkies” from Thea and I will miss telling Belia to talk loud an clear.
Actually I will miss life here, waking up in the morning and seeing beautiful birds, plants, views, etc.
I will miss all the dogs, but in return I will see Di again.
Stop moaning now I still have a day and I will enjoy it. We have a goodbye dinner at the wood ‘n spoon tonight, more later.

stay alive, watch Yethro

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