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Still alive

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Sorry guys, I’m a bad blogger I know.
Lots of things happened in those couple of weeks . We moved upstairs, to the first floor.
We now have 25 terabyte of useless hard drives but we are A OKAY.
A new colleague arrived Floris van der Veen (see picture) he will make our lives easy by working twice as hard.
Another colleague is on board as well and he listens to the name Bark Anemone, I do not know where he is he is almost never around although work from him is appearing on the giant raids, he must work nightshifts then.
Floris van der Veen in action

The Zaan

Friday, July 11th, 2008

For all who is interested, we are doing fine.
I’m trying to get shake into my head, had to do some simple stuff Jeremy said, but for me still a big puzzle.
Maybe when the movie is finished I will get it.

Here a beautiful picture of the zaan, that is where I live.

this is where I live

Nothing to say

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Usual day at the office.
There is not so much to say so every-time they see me with my camera it’s,…”Ohh no what’s next on your blog?”
Well this nice picture, shows an very happy Richard Claus and Peter Adam trying to eat some bread.
Waiting for some real juicy news.

Put that damn camera away

Okay Amsterdam Mr. Hattingh arrived

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

A warning to all taxi’s, please be careful when you drive through Amsterdam.
There is this possibility that you run into Jeremy hattingh, he came all the way from South Africa and is not used to drive a bike, all-tough he has a Dutch passport.
When you see him driving like a madman, he is late and on his way to work.
When you hit him accidentally please call me, I will bring him to a hospital and remove his legs digitally.
End warning.
Jeremy at his apartment

We are Sinking

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

What are you syncing about.
Well, Christoph is syncing hiss German butt off and Peter is trying to edit but the Mac is crashing so many times that it is starting to slow him down.
Even a octocore with 16GB internal memory can’t keep it stable.
Is it FCP, AJA or just the 8 terabyte of HD material, who can tell.
They are doing there best to get the job done.
For the rest all is okay here in Amsterdam, but I still miss PSJ a hell of a lot.

our basement

Post-production mania

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Okay two weeks later and here I am again.
I came home on Monday the 2nd and spend time with Mr. Richard Claus on the 4th to make a list of possible post-production facilities in the Netherlands.
After a rough start we finally managed to find an office for ourself.
A nice office somewhere in Amsterdam Peter Adam is sitting with Christoph Strothjohan in the basement with all the editing gear. I will sit with Jeremy Hattingh on the main floor.
Internet is working although it took longer to fix than in Pondoland (PSJ).
So back to work more later.
Post-production office white light

Sad to be back

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

As Jade wrote in her facebook “Who put out the White Light”?
Zaandam is my home town all my life, now I feel Alien.
4 Months White Light does strange things with a human being.
I have changed a hell of a lot, I think. I worked on a lot of different things in my life, but this was something I will never forget.
It is very hard to say what changed of how, I think you had to be there to understand, like Catrien she is still home sick.
Back for two weeks, at home, but home sick, weird hey.
Came back on Monday morning my dearest Anet was waiting for me at Schiphol airport, she lost some weight, i thought I did she thought too, but scales don’t lie. I’m the same weight but lost some of the good old handles, they must have gone somewhere?
Anyway I have to stop moaning, I’m here have to go back to work I have to try to forget beautiful and ugly PSJ.
Thanks for reading you all.
Now we go one with Post production in Amsterdam.

dreaming of the kitchen