December 11th, 2008

I can here the song of Sinatra in my head while writing this last Wit Licht blog.
It was a blast, great party, incredible film, to all of you, please go and see the movie.
The premiere started in the big Tuschinski theater in Amsterdam a art deco style theater with a lot of glamor.
I have never seen so many bobo’s and famous people in my life at one spot. It was very cold and I felt sorry for all the skinny girls with there small dresses looking very pretty for all the journalists.
There was a standing ovation for cast and crew. Yes I felt proud as well. This movie is quite an achievement, lots of love and passion made this movie what it is.
After the movie there was a little party for cast and crew in a gay club (of course) at the Regulier dwarsstraat.
I had a couple of tequila’s and then Producer Richard Claus came by in an Ugandan outfit. Lots of laughs here and there, till Ali Bakka did the same to me.
Fez on, dress on and I was a Ugandan too.
Felt pretty cool, maybe I have to go there one day.

For all of you who are going to see the movie, please drop a note. Let me know what you think of it!

Anet Klitsie – Fir Suidema – Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga – Richard Claus
Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga


November 20th, 2008

Okay it’s over and done.

The movie is finished the première is on the 8th of December.
Looking back, a year ago Richard asked me to read this script and let him know what I thought of it.
As you all know I’m not such a reader, but with my new glasses thing go much better, I was completely gob smacked and was wondering how the hell can you film a story like this.
It was pretty violent in my point of view, how can you film all of this?
I’ve seen the film about 30 times now in different stages and It’s great. Jean made a movie that is Un-Dutch in size, colour, pace and feel.
Off course I have my little things but that is what you get if you go over it with a loop for 30 times.
Good job everybody who worked on this movie, I’m proud.

So for all of you who have and going to see the film let me know what you think of it on this blog.
More pictures at the première till then
to serious

Goodbye Jeremy Hattingh

November 9th, 2008

Sad day today.
For over 10 months I worked with Jeremy Hattingh Visual effects supervisor on “Wit Licht”van Jean van de Velde.
Check out his list of films on imdb
Today I brought him to Schiphol because I was his assistant during the movie, he’s flying back To South Africa, to his real family that he really missed during his stay in Amsterdam.
It was 7 O’ Clock very early and it was a pleasure.
I have learned a lot all these months, it was tough and fun, hard work and very enjoyable.
It all falls apart now, we’re done, over, KLAAR.
I’m going to buy a whole lot of geraniums, put them behind the window and I’m going to sit behind them and doing ‘Fuck all’ as Mr. Hattingh would say.
Prepare for my next mission in life, how to make a documentary.
Goodbye Mr. Hattingh, see you soon.
Miss you already.
Jeremy, Me on Schiphol airport

This is the end

November 5th, 2008

The very last day of VFX.
The last shots are rendering right now.
We are proud .
We’re done.

Ohh telephone, one moment please, ahhh Mr. Claus.
I have to do what?
More days of Wit Licht for me is there a end date?
WHAT the premiere!

L2R Me, Flo, St. Splif

Our last VFX weekend

November 3rd, 2008

It sounds like a movie trailer:
4 guys, 1 spare, 1 movie, no time to finish it all.
This is going to be our last weekend, Jeremy will leave Holland on Friday, Monday Jan will celebrate his birthday in London with his girlfriend.
Floris will celebrate his birthday too on Monday.
Then we are all alone, cleaning up, making sure that we don’t leave a trace.
The movie is finished next week and I can not wait to see it with sound and effects.


Left to right:

Richard Claus (producer), Peter R. Adam (editor), Jean van de Velde (director), Floris van der Veen (compositor VFX), Jan Tönsmann (compositor VFX), Fir Suidema ( VFX assistant supervisor), Jeremy Hattingh (VFX supervisor), Bark Anamone (compositor VFX) never shows his real face, he is under the table.

Wit Licht VFX Team

Wit Licht Trailer HD

October 24th, 2008

Like to see the Wit Licht Trailer from Jean van de Velde and with Marco Borsato in Quicktime HD (1280)?.
click HERE to check it out, 134.9Mb though.
click for the small versionHERE, 34,7Mb.
Not so much news I can show you guys over there in the real world.
I can tell you that we now run the last miles of the marathon, it is going to be a beautiful movie.
Till soon.
Abby as Obeke on Wit Licht

Wit Licht Concert

October 12th, 2008

Amazing concert, technically one of the most advanced I have seen in my entire life.
Scary shit when your a VIP.
First you come in this room full of people eat something drink something then you are guided to the arena, this picture here was my first impression how a crowd of 35.000 looks like.It is like a circus, see incredible light effects, listen to 1 million watts of audio, see Marco Borsato fly etc.
We enjoyed the concert very much, and good to see all the colleages back with who I worked with in PSJ for a couple of months, chapeau Marco thanks for the great evening.
Wit Licht Concert 11-10-2008
Wit Licht during the Concert 11-10-2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy Hattingh

October 9th, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy,
All alone away from home in beautiful Amsterdam.
As we Dutch say: Er is er één jarig hoera hoera dat kun je wel zien dat is hij, dat vinden wij allen zo prettig ja ja en daarom zingen wij blij.
Zij leven lang hoera hoera, zij leven lang hoera hoera, zij leven lang hoera hoera.
Lang zal Jeremy leven, Lang zal Jeremy leven, Lang zal Jeremy leven in de gloria, hieperdepiep, hoera
hieperdepiep, hoera
hieperdepiep, hoera

Hattingh 44

Wit Licht the Teaser

September 4th, 2008

Okay for all of you who want to see the teaser, it is online everywere.
click HERE to check it out.
Wit Licht

Wit Licht the site

August 22nd, 2008

New official info about the film plus some of the first pictures on:
check out Wit Licht from Jean van de Velde with Marco Borsato
Wit Licht website